Affiliated company represented by Excel Group both manufactures and distributes plastic food packaging as per thermoforming system with the professionally extensive experience of 30 years. We serve the full-service manufacturing from packaging design to customized and individualized manufacturing. We are fully committed to develop quality and safety of the product according to international standards with the compliance with laws and agreement with customers.

On 20 December 1991, Mr. Wanchai Sirinimnualkul established The Excel Plastic Co., Ltd on the area of 100 sq.m in the Ekkachai Alley 94. With an excellent practice of service, we truly emphasize on quality and deliver the order in a timely manner. Consequently, Excel Plastic is trustfully engaged to the growing number of customers leading to the expansion up until 1,400 sq.m in the considerably short period of time.

On 18 January 2001, Excel Packaging Co., Ltd was established on area of 6,500 sq.m in the Krathumlom Alley 9 on Phutthamonthon Sai 4 Road to engage additional customers’ demand by emphasizing on the matter of quality and safety to primarily penetrate into the industrial customer group.

After that, on 20 August 2005, Excel Superpack Co., Ltd was established on the area of 62 rai (99,000 sq.m). The objective is to control the quality in every step starting from materials of plastic sheet production to the sublime packaging in order to deliver to the customers with the certification standards of ISO 9001:2015, GMP, HACCP and BRC to support domestic and aboard customers.
As of today, Excel Group imports highly efficient and modern 12 extruders from entrusted countries such as Taiwan, Brazil and Germany to outperform the capacity of 2,500 tons per month. Together with more than 70 thermoforming machines and 1,000 employees, Excel’s Group is a leading entity of the industry on the matter of the product and service development, workmanship, cleanliness and work safety.

The company’s 3 major missions
• We will deliver qualified and standardized products to reflect the market demand and be willingly eager to develop the product by our professional team.
• We will emphasize to develop the product with modern machines and we will take care for our associates, partners, and customers as our family
• to enhance the capability of developing to proudly become industry leader of food packaging.