Are you looking for plastic packaging that is both safe for the consumer and is environmentally friendly?

Here at Excel Group’s plastic factory, we can provide you with our one-stop service - from consulting and design, to customized manufacturing. Whether it is plastic box, plastic cup or plastic lid, we have a wide range of colours and shapes for you to choose from. All of which can be stamped with an embossed logo to further highlight your brand. It would be both an honour and a pleasure for us to offer you a free consultation, so that we may best meet your packaging preferences.

Why should brands have their own Plastic Packaging?


Steps to Make Your Own Plastic Packaging

1. Preference Discussion
With more than 30 years of professional experience in Plastic Packaging, we are ready to provide our customer with a free consultation. We can give recommendations on anything from the size and shape of the packaging, to special features the product may need. Features such as heat resistance, cold resistance, condensation resistance, leak-proof, extra clarity, extra hardness, extra toughness. and much more. All of which so that we can best serve our customer’s needs.

2. Prototype Before Manufacturing
At our factory all the processes are done in-house, from the very beginning to the very end. We start by formulating a way to manufacture the plastic sheet roll so that all the customer’s desired features are satisfied. The mold will then be built by our experienced specialists. Since we can control all the processes, our work is done with the highest efficiency and the result is as close to perfection as possible. The prototype will then be sent to the customer for approval before manufacturing begins.

3. Begin Manufacturing
After the final product is concluded, the factory will begin manufacturing with the utmost regard for quality, cleanliness, safety, and professionalism in our services. The product will then be delivered on time.

4. Other Services
Screening Customers may wish to make the product more distinctive by adding colour to the plastic packaging. By using the ‘Silk Screen’ system, up to 4 colours can be added to a flat surface, and up to 8 colours can be added to a contoured surface by using the ‘Dry-Offset’ system - with production capacity of up to 300 pieces per minute.

Laminating Customers may want to add patterns on their plastic packaging by using the lamination technique. By coating a thin layer of plastic on your packaging, we can add various kind of patterns and colours that will suit the customer’s preferences. This is perfect for customers that want to make the packaging complements the brand in a way that will add value to the product.